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Implant Services
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Patient Information on Implant Services


We know how overwhelming searching for the best tooth replacement option can be. At Northland Dental Medicine, advanced technology and a passion for transforming lives helps Dr. Corsello create comprehensive personalized dental implant

strategies for every patient. Even if you’ve been told you can’t qualify for dental implants, our team has the experienced insight and technology readily available to help you put your best smile forward. 


If you suffer from any of these conditions, Dr Corsello will include the appropriate treatment into your overall dental implant treatment strategy. This will help ensure you enjoy your dental implant or Snaptite Smile solution for a lifetime.


Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, every smile requires a personalized solution that addresses the root cause of tooth loss while replacing the functionality of teeth. Our Pittsburgh dental office features some of the latest dental technologies, allowing Dr. Corsello to provide a wide array of tooth replacement solutions including but not limited to​:

  1. Snaptite Smile With only 4 implants an entire arch of teeth are permanently replaced, restoring your ability to speak, genuinely taste and feel the textures of an unlimited diet and smile confidently. Snaptite Smile is the answer to a devastated dentition.

  2. Dental Implant – Permanent solution for restoring one or more teeth using versatile traditional surgically installed implants.

  3. Mini Dental Implants – Limited application, requires dense bone usually found only in the lower jaw. May be used to hold a traditional denture in place without adhesives which improves functional efficiency and quality of life..

  4. Dentures – Inexpensive and can improve your smile. Dentures are retained by suction and adhesives and in some cases mini implants can help. Dentures interfere with taste, smell, speech and perception of food textures and have only 10 - 30% functional efficiency.

  5. Dental Bridge – Replaces a section of missing teeth. It may be supported by 2 or more natural teeth or implants. Natural teeth must absorb the additional load of the bridge and must be irreversibly altered for fitting crowns, making them susceptible to nerve damage or fracture. Implants on the other hand take the load off natural teeth protecting them and can eliminate the need for a bridge at all.

Understanding Our Restorative Treatments

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Beautiful surroundings, fresh coffee, tea, water & mints; a refrigerator filled with any juice you want; friendly courteous professional staff. Where am I?

Dr. Michael Corsello’s office! I relaxed for the very first time I’ve ever been to a dentist. I got a goodie bag too! How cool is that!

The rooms are immaculate, containing state of the art technology. Calming scenes of nature are awaiting me as I lie back in a chair that has a massage device to relax any tensions in my lower back. The staff is courteous and efficient. Dr. Corsello is friendly and professional. He is passionate about what he does. I was informed of each procedure I had, and was shown my x-rays, which were explained thoroughly.

Yes, I left the dental office with a smile on my face & a song in my heart, and a root canal was one of the procedures. I will never dread going to the dentist again, as long as the dentist is Dr. Corsello. Treat yourself and be blown away by a caring empathetic team of professionals who love what they do.

- Jean W.

PS: It’s a tad long but I couldn’t help it. You guys are just terrific!

Dr. Michael Corsello and staff,

It’s been just over a year since my initial consultation, and final adjustments to my Snaptite Smile. I never thought they would be as comfortable and natural looking as they are. Friends and family can’t believe it either. When other doctors said I wasn’t a good candidate for dental implants, Dr. Corsello assured me that with today’s technology, it could be done.

Thanks to all at Northland Dental Medicine (Snaptite Smile) I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Chuck M. Jr.

I received the flyer in the mail and it offered a free exam and x-ray. I needed a new dentist and thought let’s give this one a try.

I walked into the office and immediately felt like I was family. From the welcome at the front desk to my conversation with Maria and meeting Dr. Mike I needed major wok in my mouth at least 2-3 implants. Dr. Mike examined me and gave me a detailed report on the work that he planned on doing for me. The cost was up front and he gave me an alternative cost with a possible bridge.

I started the implant procedure and it took only two visits. I hate having anyone work in my mouth, I always feel as though I am gagging. The last time I had implants on the left side I asked to be put to sleep and they gave me my wish, to the amount of $700.00. Two years later it would cost me almost $900.00. Dr. Mike explained to me what he prefers to do for his patients instead of being put to sleep. (even though he offers I.V. Sedation) His soft and quiet demeanor gave me such peace. I opted to go with his way and it cost me $2.35 for Valium. I sat in the chair and felt NO PAIN, NO GAGGING and couldn’t believe I was in the chair for two hours, it felt like ten minutes.

My next appointment was to do the impressions for the implants… so professional and again gave me such peace.
I have had my implants for almost two months and I love them.

I highly recommend Dr. Mike and his staff

- Barb C, a very happy patient

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